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Me/K: This is a funny Starbucks quiz I made and I want to say sorry for not really making quizzes, I'm off right now, but anyway, check out my friends, LucaCouffaine15, he is super kind, I think you will like him!

Me/K: I don't really have much to say really so Imma put random stuff, but enjoy the quiz, comment and rate, hopefully, you like it, if not, sorry!!!!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf
  1. Me/K: Today, I am the manager of my own Starbucks, also the worker, cause y'all know I'm cheap...
  2. Me/K: Here are our workers, that's Bill. Bill: *Walking in circles, while bobbling his head* Me/K: I don't know what the frickin' world he's doing but yeah, that's him, XD
  3. Me/K: This is Don't Drop (Didn't even know that was a name, but anyway-) Don't Drop: *Making a Tik Tok* Me/K: Da heck, I thought he was at work, but anyway-
  4. Me/K: And this is Ghetto Natasha. Ghetto Natasha: WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?! Me/K: WHAT THE?! She yells like all the time, for NO reason. She may be a Karen, we're not sure yet. Ghetto Natasha: WHAT WAS THAT?! Me/K: *Takes you by the arm and runs* Ok, let's just keep going.
  5. Me/K: Also, my helpers today are Sonic, Tails, Silver, and Chat Noir. You should thank them because they help me with quiz production. All of them: Hi!
  6. Me/K: Now, what would you like, (Y/N)? (As a guest, it's FREE for you so pick any)
  7. Me/K: *Gives you your drink* Enjoy, is their anything else you want?
  8. Me/K: Ok, (Y/N), you may be here to rate this place. That is your honor here. Also, you will say who you think should keep this job and who shouldn't. Ok?
  9. Customer: Hello. *No Answer* Customer: Hello? *No Answer* Customer: *Talks to Natasha* Hello, can I PLEASE get some service? Ghetto Natasha: MAN, SO DEMANDING! WHY YOU SO MAD?!
  10. Customer: I wasn't even-NEVERMIND, can I just get some service? Ghetto Natasha: WHY YOU ASKING ME?! WHERE IS DON'T DROP?! HE SUPPOSED TO HELP! Don't Drop: *Making a Tik Tok* Tikiti Tok, don't drop, make it pop!
  11. Ghetto Natasha: DON'T DROP, WHAT YOU DOING?! Don't Drop: Making a Tik Tok! Ghetto Natasha:....NO ONE MAKING NO TIKI TOK, NOW GET BACK TO WORK!
  12. Don't Drop: Can I take your order, mam? Customer: I'm a boy... Don't Drop: Mam, I don't know anything about World War 2, I only know Among Us 2020. Customer: What, I wasn't even- Don't Drop: YOU VENT?! OMG *Plays Among Us* I gotta let 'em know! Customer: What in-
  13. Customer: I'll ask someone else for help. *Talks to Bill* Uh, sir- Bill: *Rolling on Ground* Customer: NEVERMIND. Chat Noir: I'll help you out, sir.
  14. Chat Noir: What would you like? Customer: Any Coffee that you guys want. I'll take anything. Chat Noir: Ok, Silver, can you fly up to the shelf and bring me a cup? Silver: Sure *Gets cup and gives it to Chat* Here ya go. Chat Noir: Thx. What is your name- Ghetto Natasha: I'LL DO THE NAMES SINCE I AM GREAT AT NAMES! Sonic: *Holding Boxes, gets scared from the yelling and drops them* Tails: You ok, Sonic? Sonic: *Laying on floor* When will she not yell...? Me/K: *Helps Sonic Up* Probably never...
  15. Ghetto Natasha: *Takes Cup and pushes Chat out the way* Chat Noir: *Mumbles* Here we go... Ghetto Natasha: CUSTOMER, WHAT IS YOUR NAME?! DOES IT HAVE 'GHETTO' IN IT?! Customer: Uh...no, my name is Jason. Ghetto Natasha: *Writes on Cup* OK, GHETTO GRAYSON, I GUESS YOU LIKE THE COLOR GRAY, WE'LL MAKE YOUR DRINK! Customer: No, my name is JAYSON. Ghetto Natasha: OH, SORRY, MASON, I GOT YOU! Customer: I. SAID. MY. NAME. IS. JAYSON. Ghetto Natasha: WHY YOU YELLING?! BOY, YOU NEED TO PUT YOUR VOICE DOWN! DON'T YOU SEE THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO LIKE SILENCE?! Tails: *Whispers to K* Yeah, but she's not quiet. Me/K: Just don't say anything, Tails, I don't want her going OFF on you...
  16. Tails: *Grabs the cup from Natasha and runs* Ghetto Natasha: *Runs after him* GIVE ME THE CUP! Tails: *Writes Customers name and give it to Bill* Make his drink! I'M RUNNING FROM NATASHA! Silver: *Uses powers to make Natasha stop running* Ok, maybe we should put Natasha on break.... Tails: *Sighs* Yeah, and thanks, Silver.
  17. Bill: *Making drink and puts a drop of coffee* Customer: Uh, I think you forgot the rest of the coffee. Bill: Ok then, for another drop, you must pay 20 more dollars. Don't tell, but I gave you a discount. Customer: How is that a discount? That cost too much. Bill: BRO, what you talking about?! The Mermaid is 20 dollars right there, maybe even more! Customer: UGH, fine, I'll pay for more.
  18. Bill: Ok, here Sonic, I'm done, you can give it to the customer. Sonic: *Takes drink* Ok-*Sees the drink*....what is this....? Bill: The Customers drink, what else? Sonic: Where's the coffee...? Bill: Right there *Points to cup* Sonic: Right where? All I see is whipped Cream some Dora stickers in here for some reason... Bill: WHAT?! ARE YOU BLIND?! It's right there *Points to the bottom* Sonic: *Does 'BRUH' face* Is that a drop...? Bill: NO, it's TWO drops, NOT one, TWO! Sonic: *Goes to the back* K, can you help me with this drink?
  19. Me/K and Sonic: *Make the Drink* Tails: *Gives Drink to Customer* Here's your drink, sorry about this whole mishap...hehehhehe... Customer: I guess it's fine, thx *Takes Drink* Me/K: *Falls to floor* I need to rethink about hiring Don't Drop, Bill, and Ghetto Natasha... Chat Noir: *Sits by K* Yeah, but this was fun...in a strange way-WAIT, where's Natasha? Silver: I sent her on a trip to Hawaii, she needed the break... Sonic: What about Don't Drop? Don't Drop: *Making a Tik Tok* Sonic: Oh... Tails: What about Bill *Sees Bill rolling on floor again* Oh...
  20. Me/K: I think this is going to be a great start of Starbucks... *(Spongebob) 1 Hour Later* Customers: *Throwing Chairs* Me, Sonic, Silver, Chat, Tails, and You hiding in Hiding Spot. Me/K: So um...yeah, this isn't what I thought was gonna happen...
  21. Me/K: That's all for today, I haven't really been working on quizzes, sorry, but I will still do it more. Also, check out my friend, LucaCouffaine15's account, he's AWESOME! (Also, his name is legit Luca, is a coincidence that he likes Miraculous, XD)

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