How Much Do You Know About Teen Titans Go!

This is a fun litle quiz that tests your knowlage on the hit tv show Teen Titans Go! If you enjoy it, be sure to leave a suggestion for some other quizzes, like video games.

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Created by: ello
  1. In the episode "waffles" what did cyborg and beast boy want for breakfeast?
  2. Has there ever been a cuss word in all of the series?
  3. Which member of the justice luage fell in lava first in "two parter part two"
  4. What does the tooth fairy do with teeth?
  5. Who is ravens uncle?
  6. How did brother blood tell the titans what to do?
  7. What was starfires videogame mission like?
  8. What is cyborgs favorite food?
  9. What is starfires pets name?
  10. Will you comment/rate.

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