Teen Titans Go! Trivia

You probably took my quiz, "Total Drama Trivia," so you might know that I'll say this: I am going to test you and see if you are a true Teen Titans Go! Master!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Teen Titans Go! Master? I have easy questions, but also challenging questions. So go on and take my fourth quiz!

Created by: O1Awesomeness

  1. What did Beast Boy dress up as for Halloween?
  2. What did Cyborg say when the robot asked him which Green Lantern he was?
  3. Which is the correct height chart?
  4. What is the plural Pegasus?
  5. How does Robin deal with stress?
  6. What is Raven's father's name?
  7. What is Cyborg's favorite song?
  8. What is Cyborg's catchphrase?
  9. What is Beast Boy's song to Terra called?
  10. What did Starfire do after Blackfire gave her the doll?
  11. What was Beast Boy's name after he got robot parts?
  12. What did Cyborg think Aqualad was?
  13. What did Starfire lose when she fought the Sandwich Guardian?
  14. What did Raven turn Beast Boy into when she turned him into a balloon?
  15. In which episode did Cyborg sing, "Pain?"

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