Teen Titans Quiz

Welcome to the Teen Titans Quiz. You will now answer some questions involving all about the mighty Titans!! If you know a lot about them, then you will do great. If you don't know a thing about them, then you won't do so good.

Do you want to know EVERYTHING about Teen Titans? Well, this quiz won't tell you anything about them, this is designed to test your knowledge about them! See how much you know about the Teen Titans, you will test your skills and abilities to this test!

Created by: Kuzon

  1. In the episode "Quest", Robin meets an old lady, the true master, and asks her where the path to the true master is. She guides him, but doesn't reveal herself until the end when Robin figures out that she is the true master. Why doesn't the true master reveal herself until the very end?
  2. In the episode "Troq", Valyor calls Starfire Troq. Starfire then becomes very sad and angry. What does Troq mean?
  3. Who is Slade?
  4. Why does Raven smile RARELY?
  5. In the episode, 'Haunted', why could only Robin see Slade?
  6. Who is Red X?
  7. In the episode, 'Birthmark', Cyborg makes an eight layered cake. But how many layers really are there?
  8. Who gets chases by a giant scorpion?
  9. What is Speedy's arrows made up of?
  10. Which Teen Titan became one of Slade's apprentices?

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