Which Teen Titans are you?

Do you think you are the serious kick boxing Robin? Or perhaps the scary dark and powerful Raven? The cute, lovable Starfire who loves mustard? The funny chatter-box Beast Boy? Or Cyborg who loves video games&pizzas?

Only one way to find out after taking this quiz if you are REALLY interested. Who knows? You might think your attitude is like Robin but actually it is like Beast Boy??!To know what kind of Teen Titans you are you MUST give an HONESt answer and think carefully before you choose your BEST answer.

Created by: Joyce
  1. Where is your favourite hang-out place?
  2. What do you like to do during your free time?
  3. Which villian do you enjoy watching battling the Titans?
  4. Many people describe you as...
  5. If you are allowed to choose a special ability as a gift what would you choose?
  6. Which of the following is your favourite show/movie?
  7. Which is your favourite episode of the Teen Titans?
  8. What is your favourite colour?
  9. This is the FINAL question, you must give a very honest answer. Promise?
  10. If you get to interview and hang-out ONE of the Titans in real life for one day, who would like to meet?

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Quiz topic: Which Teen Titans am I?