How much do you know about Teen Dating Violence

Many of us do not really understand what Teen Dating Violence is all about. But I bet you know someone who is invloved in a dating violence relationship. 1 in 4 female high school students will exeperience abuse in their relationship.

Teen Dating violence means any person who is in a dating relationship that is experiencing some sort of abuse. Thanks to this quiz you will know more about Teen Dating Violence and what is the truth about it. By having more knowledge of this subject you w

Created by: erica
  1. Only woman can be victims?
  2. Domestic violence is a crime and against the law?
  3. Fighting is the only way to solve problems.
  4. Anger causes domestic violence?
  5. Victims bring the abuse on themselves
  6. One warning sign of dating violence is simply calling someone names.
  7. A sign of dating maturity is accepting that some relationships will not work out, no matter how much you want them to.
  8. Ending a bad relationship is an easy and safe thing to do
  9. Children may learn to be violent if they live in an abusive home environment?
  10. Why don't boys report being abused?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Teen Dating Violence