Test Your Domestic Violence IQ

This quiz test you domestic violence IQ. Domestic violence is defined as violence toward or physical abuse of one's spouse or domestic partner. This can happen to any one in any place.

Please be aware that domestic violence is a common occurrence, that needs to be stopped. If you are a victim of domestic violence please get help as soon as possible.

Created by: My Sisters Place
  1. People are more likely to be hit, beat up, physically injured, or even killed in their own homes by another family member than anywhere else, and by anyone else in our society.
  2. Up to 60% of all married women experience physical violence by their husbands at some time during the marriage.
  3. Battering is more common in lower income families.
  4. According to a Harris poll, 20% of all Americans approve of hitting a spouse on appropriate occasions.
  5. In the study cited in #4, the percentage approving hitting decreased among college educated Americans.
  6. In 1979, 40% of female homicide victims were killed by a family member or boyfriend.
  7. Household violence is most likely to happen in the evenings and on the weekends.
  8. Ninety-one percent of the women in U. S. prisons experienced an episode of domestic violence three months or less prior to committing the crime for which they were incarcerated, regardless of the crime.
  9. Police officers experience the greatest likelihood of injury when responding to domestic violence.
  10. According to studies, most physical abuse is preceded by verbal arguments.
  11. The Hazleton Foundation found that 63% of young men between ages 11 and 20 doing time for homicide killed their mother's abuser.
  12. Ninety percent of abusive or neglectful parents were abused or neglected as children.
  13. Men are more likely to help a woman being attacked by a man than a man being attacked by a woman.
  14. Hitting your wife is against the law in Ohio.
  15. Most women who leave a situation where they have been battered do not return to live in the home.
  16. Results of college surveys showed that up to 60% of both male and female students had experienced violence in dating relationships.
  17. Men who batter or abuse their wives or girlfriends can not help themselves.
  18. A person can help their partner change their behavior if they really love them enough.
  19. Early life experiences are the single greatest factor contributing to abusive relationships.
  20. Physical abuse has been shown to be a factor in 40% of all divorces.
  21. Most spouse abusers feel no guilt or shame for their actions.
  22. In a home with spousal abuse, it is likely that the children will also be abused or neglected.
  23. Four and one-half billion dollars are lost nationally in time off work for workers living in violent homes.
  24. Eighty percent of violent juvenile offenders and adult prisoners come from homes where family violence occurred
  25. Violence is a learned behavior.

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