Healthy Relationship Quiz

This quiz was given during a lecture on risk markers for domestic violence and emotional abuse. While not nearly as fun as the other quizzes we've been taking, I thought it might be a good reference.

Forgive the grading system at the end. I had to put 100 characters for each and just improvised. The test says that if the vast majority isn't right, you may be in an unhealthy relationship. So, anything under 85%, consider making some changes for your own safety and well-being.

Created by: Amy
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  1. Can you state particular characteristics of your partner that you like or admire?
  2. Is your partner glad that you have other friends (even friends whom you do not share in common)?
  3. Is your partner pleased at your accomplishments and ambitions?
  4. Does your partner ask for and give consideration to your opinions?
  5. Does your partner both talk and listen (not at the same time, of course)?
  6. Is your partner able to verbalize his or her feelings?
  7. Does your partner have a good relationship with his or her family?
  8. Does your partner have at least a few good, close friends?
  9. Does your partner have interests (hobbies, not other people) besides you?
  10. Do you consider your partner as a friend as well as a potential lover?
  11. Does your partner respect your right to make decisions affecting your own life?
  12. Does this person accept responsibility for his or her own actions rather than blaming failures on others?
  13. When angry, does your partner break or throw things?
  14. Does your partner lose his or her temper easily?
  15. Does your partner ask you repeatedly about past dating partners?
  16. Does your partner expect to be told where you are at all times?
  17. Does your partner think that there are times when violence is okay in a relationship?
  18. Is your partner jealous of your friends or relatives?
  19. Does your partner think that you are cheating if you talk to or dance with someone else?
  20. Does your partner get angry if you are not always attentive to him/her?
  21. Does your partner "take over" when you are having trouble with something, even if you want to handle it yourself?
  22. Does your partner silently sulk when angry?
  23. Does your partner drink or use drugs almost every day, or go on periodic binges?
  24. Does your partner ridicule you or put you down?
  25. Do you like yourself less than usual when you've been with your partner?

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