Are you healthy?

You are what you eat! are you a health nut, or do you lay on the couch with your cake and ice cream all the time? find out if you should cut down on the junk, or stay where you are with your diets.

are YOU a health freak or a couch potatoe? do you qualify for the "healthy award" or the "junkanator"?? should you cut down on the eating or make time to eat more? or maybe just stay the healthy way you are! Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Christina ashworth

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  1. do you excersise more than once a week?
  2. what's your favorite snack?
  3. do you count your carbs?
  4. do you succeed in your diets?
  5. how many times have you pulled out those foreign excersise viedoes?
  6. do people often tell you that you look like you've lost weight?
  7. do you do yoga?
  8. do you just take walks for no absolute reason?
  9. how well do you "do" protein shakes?
  10. do you hope to score high on this quiz??

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Quiz topic: Am I healthy?