Do you know what health is?

Some people eat healthy and make healthy chocies, but some people don't care at all! You you are healthy, that means you don't have lots of junk in your cupboard.

Are YOU healthy, or are you lazy? Most of America is lazy, but if are healthy, then that makes you great! If you don't know what you are, then take this quiz!

Created by: Tyler of Go Health
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  1. What food is in the dairy group?
  2. What food is in the grain/bread group?
  3. What foods are in the Fruit group?
  4. What foods are in the meat group?
  5. What food is in the food group that is not in this quiz?
  6. Is it important to eat some of all the food groups every day to be healthy?
  7. Is it important to to do stuff that makes you breath hard and your heart beat fast?
  8. Is it important to eat junk food every day?
  9. What is a food that is bad for your health?
  10. Do you care about health?

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Quiz topic: Do I know what health is?