Are You Athlectic

There are only a few people who are very healthy. Are YOU healthy like those people. An athelectic person is someone who is fit and well. Lets see if YOU are athelectic.

This quiz is great. See how athlectic you are in just a few minuets.Are YOU an athelectic person. Like some other people? Find out your athelectic your life is so you could fix it up or keep it that way.

Created by: Suzy Blue

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do You Play A Sport?
  2. What Sport Is It?
  3. How long do you watch Television for?
  4. What do you like better?
  5. Do You Eat Junkfood? No Lieing!
  6. Do You Have Muscle?
  7. If Someone Told You To Do 50 Push Ups, Would You Do Them?
  8. Do You Swim Alot?
  9. Can You Do Sport For A Long Time Without Breaking A Sweat?
  10. Are You Ready For Your Answer? (Does Not Count For Answer)

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Quiz topic: Am I Athlectic