How Old Will You Be When You Die?

Many people want to know when they are going to die. Well nobody really knows exactly but most of it is based on health. If you have crappy health chances are your life is going to be shorter than somebody with good health. Most Asians have good health.

This is a quiz to determine how long your life will last. Well it might not all be right but it's probably one of the most accuarte death quizzes on this site so yeah. In the quiz you are asked questions about your health to see when your gonna die.

Created by: Justice
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your BMI(Body Mass Index)?
  2. Do you drink?
  3. Do you smoke?
  4. On any drugs?
  5. Are you in prison right now?
  6. If you said 'yes' to question #7, how long were you sentenced?
  7. Does your dad have bad health?
  8. Does your mom have bad health?
  9. Do you have thoughts about suicide?
  10. Do your parents abuse you in anyway?(question for a child or teen)
  11. Do you eat 'junk' food?
  12. How often do you exercise?
  13. Do you have any terminal illnesses(disease, cancer, etc...)?
  14. True or False? You have high cholesterol.
  15. Have you ever had a heart attack?

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Quiz topic: How Old will I Be When You Die?