How old are you?

There are many people in this world that think they are the age they are not in their mind.your true age is not in how many years you have been alive,it is really how old you truly act!

how old are you really!?are you a kid ages 0 to 2,3 to 5,or 6 to 10 years old? or are you a teen ages 11 to 15 or 16 to 20?or an adult 21-55 or 56+?you can find out in this quiz.if u get the category your age is in then u r good and dont worry about your age.if u get a different 1 ,make some changes!

Created by: candycane11

  1. can u have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
  2. how old are you?
  3. what kind of under clothes do u wear?
  4. what grade r u in?
  5. what r u learning in school
  6. how tall r u?
  7. what do u think you'll get?
  8. do u like this quiz?
  9. do u like the old Hannah Montana songs(the 1's for 10 year olds) or the new ones?
  10. do u think the Jonas brothers r hot?
  11. what year were u born in?
  12. wut do u get at mcdonalds when u eat there?
  13. what is your favorite hobby?

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Quiz topic: How old am I?