Are you gonna be called Genius?

There are many people. But there are only few genius people. A true genius has a clever mind they are able to solve complex problems and understood what a teacher is saying and can focus in their work.

We will see if you are a genius or not. In this quiz you will learn many things and all of these questions are or years 3 until 11.Sometimes you don't understand what a teacher is saying and you are so shy that you don't understand what a teacher is saying. But when you take this quiz you will be in a whole new world .

Created by: Zach Aeon

  1. In what century was the year 1776?
  2. What is the sum of 245 and 451?
  3. Which is a compound word: meatball or spaghetti
  4. Turn the word "rat" into a sticky black substance.
  5. Round the number 551 to the nearest tens.
  6. To spell the word for a person who paints, add three letters to "a-r-t"
  7. A car is parked in a garage.Where is an airplane parked?
  8. Spell the name of the holiday on which you dress up and eat too much candy.
  9. Find all the adjectives in this sentence:"Silly,sleepy sheep crossed the road"
  10. Which letter spell the opposite of "major":

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Quiz topic: Am I gonna be called Genius?