Laura. Do you really know her?

What is a genius? A genius is someone with an exceptionally clever mind. He or she can solve difficult problems, and has the ablity to think outside the box.

What does this have to do with the quiz you are about to take about Laura? Absolutely nothing. And they won't let me post this quiz until there are one hundred and fifty characters in this paragraph, so I am still typing....

Created by: Laura Fischer

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  1. What sport did I never play?
  2. What interesting circumstance surrounded my birth?
  3. What's my favorite color?
  4. What is my middle name
  5. What was my worst subject in high school?
  6. What was my best subject?
  7. Where did I go to grade school?
  8. What did I accidentally do to my hair in senior year?
  9. Whet is my husband's occupation?
  10. At which company was I employed the longest?
  11. How did I break my foot in 7th grade?
  12. I played goal in a soccer game, the day after I sprained my wrist and got a fat lip. How did that occur?
  13. Where was my first job?
  14. What is my lucky number, and my usual request for sports jerseys?
  15. What other names was I considering for my son?
  16. Which of the following activities do I perform left-handed?
  17. What did I drink straight from the bottle in high school?
  18. What color were my bridesmaids dresses?
  19. I saw my firsr concert at age 13. Who was performing?
  20. What was my first car?
  21. How many first cousins do I have on my dad's side?
  22. Who was my grade school's biggest rival in CYO sports?
  23. Where have I been on vacation 3 times in 4 years?

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Quiz topic: Laura. do I really know her?