Test Your Laura Lore

We all know and love the wonderful actress and director Laura Innes, who portrayed the unforgetable Dr. Kerry Weaver on ER for 12 great seasons. But how much do we really know about her? The true test is finally here.

Is your knowledge of the Laura Innes Lore great or poor? Do you know the number of her siblings, which hand she writes with, or her favorite color? Do you really have Laura on the brain? Take the test, and find out!

Created by: atthis

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  1. What is the color of Laura's eyes?
  2. Laura is married to..
  3. Laura was born in a city that gave its name to..
  4. What is Laura's natural hair color?
  5. Which of the following statements is true?
  6. Laura was the first female to win the celebrity version of which popular game-show?
  7. How does Laura compensate in real life for Dr. Weaver's dislikability?
  8. Laura thinks Elizabeth Mitchell is..
  9. If Laura wasn't an actress, she would want to be..
  10. Laura made the Top 10 of which prestigious list?

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