How well do you know Valenth canon?

Are you a Valenth Lore Master, or a very confused newbie? Take this quiz to test your knowledge and understanding of the world of Valenth. Don't cheat!

DNA's world is full of unique characters, places, and even species. How well do you know them? Can you identify them? Would you survive in the world of Valenth, or die a death worthy of a Darwin Award?

Created by: Kevana
  1. What do you call the three powerful beings who rule much of Valenth?
  2. Which organization is Dr. Nefirian Dreamscar in charge of?
  3. Who is Dr. Nefirian Dreamscar married to?
  4. Which of these Valenth species is not sentient?
  5. Which of the following Valenth species is NOT venomous?
  6. On which continent is the city of Gier located?
  7. Which of the following species is functionally extinct, represented by only three known living members?
  8. Which of the following species is not allowed to enter Schalle?
  9. Which organization is led by a mortal?
  10. What is the name of the one NPC Leupak we have met so far?
  11. Which organization does Lady Marquise lead?
  12. Are mutations induced by the Fatis Mirajin permanent?
  13. Which organization is least likely to accept Vampires?
  14. Who is the mysterious benefactor of The Somnambulist Organization?
  15. What is an Aeneski?
  16. Which is the longest-lived species among these?
  17. Who is Lyric'ai?
  18. Which of these is not a species of Valenth dragon?
  19. Which of the following species is associated with Bastion?
  20. Where did the fairly recent earthquakes occur?
  21. Which of the following species can shapeshift?
  22. What species is Opus most closely associated with?
  23. Which of the following is NOT one of Dr. Nefirian Dreamscar's titles?
  24. What is Bastion's title?
  25. What was the original intended purpose behind the Fatis Mirajin?
  26. Who is the youngest?
  27. Are Leupaks sentient?
  28. Which NPC is believed to have dabbled in cannibalism?
  29. Which organization can give you wings?
  30. Will it hurt?
  31. Which species would incite fear if they wandered around in downtown Gier?
  32. Which species is a terrifying, soul-sucking demon?
  33. Which species has sparkly wings?
  34. Which species is not associated with the Dreamwaker?
  35. Which species is Dr. Nefirian Dreamscar's elite guard?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Valenth canon?