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If you take this quiz, it will reveal that you're either of age or you spend way too much time on the internet. Aw heck, isn't that what quizzes are for? Anyway, if you're into fanfic, you probably spend a lot of time online anyway!

So from rating systems to canon, non-canon, slash, lemon, archives, authors, what say you - lessee what you got, you geek. Do you know your fanfiction history? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Miya of Materia Girl
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  1. Where were online fanfics first shared and archived?
  2. Which is widely documented as the first online slash fandom, or the origin of slash fanfiction?
  3. What does K/S stand for? Hint: They're often considered as the first slash pairing.
  4. What does YAOI mean?
  5. In what year did go live?
  6. Which famous author violently opposed fanfiction, to the extent of sending C&Ds to fanfic writers?
  7. What does PWP stand for?
  8. What is Lime?
  9. What does UST stand for?
  10. Which children's book author was first made popular through her work in fanfiction? Hint: S/he authored a popular YA book about a young schoolgirl against a group of Shadowhunters.

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