The Fanfiction Test

Are you a fanfiction termonologist? Do you know the fanfiction terms? Can you figure out the abbreviations? Do you have what it takes? Take my quiz to find out!

Here are some basic fanfiction terms that I see very often. Do you know what they mean? Do you even read fanfiction? Answer to see your results. No cheating!

Created by: Hinata
  1. What does OOC mean?
  2. What does Shonen Ai mean?
  3. What is yaoi?
  4. What is a drabble?
  5. What is a ficlet?
  6. What are flames?
  7. What does POV mean?
  8. What is a songfic?
  9. What are spoilers?
  10. What are pairings?
  11. What does AU mean?
  12. What is a crackfic?
  13. What is a disclaimer?
  14. What does MPREG stand for?
  15. What does yuri mean?
  16. What is fanfiction?

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