The Connect Round

The questions in the quiz are varied and sometimes quite hard! There's normally 4 rounds with 10 questions a round which usually are a warm up round, a music round consisting of 5 intros and 5 supplement questions or 10 intros, the hard round or the connect round and a parting round. There can sometimes be an additional picture round or additional questions per round!

This is an example of a connect round. A connect round will usually consist of 9 or 10 questions about varied things, but then the last question will be "connect" you then have to try and think of what connects the answers to the rounds previous answers. Have fun and Good luck with this example!

Created by: Clare
  1. Who starred in- A Night in the life of Jimmy Reardon, and Mosquito Coast?
  2. What was the surname of Hubert the 1st Baron of Longbridge- Birmingham?
  3. Which was the last of the Carry On films?
  4. Which American President was assassinated in 1865?
  5. In morse code what is ~dot dot dot dot~?
  6. Which soap was first released in 1954?
  7. Who backing group were known as the Lovers?
  8. Who was born in London- 1887 but spent most of their early life in Tasmania?
  9. Who was born Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. in 1943?
  10. Now, Put all your answers together and you should be able to form a connection, what is the connection?

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