How Well Do You Know Your Threadbared?

Welcome to the Threadbared Anniversary Quiz Bowl! The quiz will remain up for until midnight on Tuesday night (EST). The winner will be the quiz-taker with the most correct answers.

In the event of a tie a bonus round will result. In the event of a tie during the bonus round there will be a dance-off. Or possibly a cage match. We haven't really decided yet.

Created by: Mary of Threadbared
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  1. The first post on Threadbared depicted:
  2. "The 1968 Reunion" features:
  3. The Jolly Green Goober enjoys wearing:
  4. Threadbared has featured parody lyrics by:
  5. Why should Tom go out with Sandra?
  6. Kimberly is employed as a:
  7. In her past life Mary worked in:
  8. Mary and Kimberly have received emails or comments calling them:
  9. Kimberly and Mary have been interviewed by:
  10. Kimberly and Mary dedicated the Threadbared book to:
  11. What do pirates like to do in their spare time?
  12. Of all the gangs at Westwood Middle School which one is the roughest?
  13. Which auteur's "early work" has been displayed on Threadbared?
  14. Who's tunic is indeed truly wondrous, so pleated and blousen it is?
  15. Where did the Walker sisters meet the McFarland twins?
  16. Which Threadbared post has the largest number of comments?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know my Threadbared?