How much do you know about FIFA World Cup 2010

There are smart people, people who knows about the FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa: The events, goals, countries who participated, and the winner of the world cup

Are you smart? Do you think you can prove all of this quiz's questions? Show me! Do the test and try to get the all answers correct 100%. When you finish it you will look your results :)

Created by: Soccer Player

  1. Who scored the best goal in the World Cup?
  2. Who were the 3 best players in the World Cup?
  3. Who scored the first goal?
  4. In which stadium did *** vs *** played in the finals?
  5. Who was the country that didn't scored goals?
  6. Who were the 4 best teams/country in the World Cup?
  7. Who made the best goalkeeper save in the world cup?
  8. Who scored the last goal of the World Cup?
  9. Which of these country didn't participated in the World Cup?
  10. Who played in the Finals?
  11. Who won the World Cup?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about FIFA World Cup 2010