the looser ,winner tester

this quiz is about how smart and you have to think on your feet to do some of these questions to get them correct an you have to be very hard headed .

you have the brain power to do so much in life. if you get this correct you are a genius and you have the greatest knowlage to do so much just think about the questions a little bit

Created by: baily

  1. Are you a looser or winner?
  2. How many people are in your family?
  3. Do you like science or school?
  4. Is snow colder than ice cubes?
  5. If someone bets you for something and you won you would get 500 dollars and if they won you give them 500 would you give them the money or say you have to go home to go get it and never give it to them?
  6. how would you react if you met the most popular star you were dying to meet?
  7. If you were famous what would you say to your fans ?
  8. Would you ever have 3 dogs , 4 cats , 2 birds, 1 fish , 1 hamster, 3 mice,5 horses,and 2 goats?
  9. If you are smart can you answer this next question correctly?
  10. how many people have game devices such as: x-box 360 w/kinect,wii,or play station 3?

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