The Ishuran's Test

To join Ishura, you must first pass this quiz. The reason for this is to ensure that all Ishurans know about their order, and continue to work to ensure that the founding principles are upheld.

To pass this test, you must score above 67%. The answers to these questions can be found within the Lore of Ishura, the FAQ areas, as well as the Governance section of the website. All the information is available to you! It's not hard to pass this quiz.

Created by: Haytham

  1. Who founded Ishura?
  2. How many alts can I have in the guild?
  3. What is the primary role of a Judic?
  4. Does Ishura allow for the possibility of members of the Horde finding refuge?
  5. Who is Haytham Swiftwind?
  6. Who betrayed Umair Swiftwind?
  7. Who may take council on behalf of the Lord and Lady of Ishura?
  8. Who presides over the Court of Ishura?
  9. Can I be an associate to Ishura, just joining the guild for further my own agenda?
  10. Whom does the Magus of Ishura preside over?
  11. I am a priest, can I become a Guardian?

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