Dorian Gray Quiz Part I

The Picture of Dorian Gray introduces lots of themes. Dorian Gray is young and naive and had no path to follow. However, when Lord Henry met Dorian, Dorian was steered into a path of corruption.

Hope you use the Dorian Gray book or at least my summaries and analysis' to answer the questions. If you scored low, you will be getting dreadful messages from me. However if you scored high, you will recieve self-esteem booster quotes. You are either be considered "corrupt" or "beautiful." Thanks to this quiz you will find out.

Created by: Sheryl Em.

  1. What influences Dorian Gray to wish for eternal youth, while the picture becomes old and ugly?
  2. Why does Basil refuse to exhibit the portrait?
  3. Why does Lord Henry talk about Dorian like he was his lover even though he was married?
  4. What caught Dorian's attention about Sybil Vane?
  5. Does Sybil Vane's mother support her marriage with Dorian Gray?
  6. What is first changed in the portrait?
  7. How did Dorian react to Sybil Vane's suicide?
  8. What made Dorian Gray mourn for a short while?
  9. What effect did the "yellow book" had on Dorian Gray?
  10. What does Dorian indulge in to get away from the corrupt?

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