warrior cat lovestory ( for she-cats only ) part 2

Since I have already done my first quiz this is part 2 to it. If you have not done quiz one please go ahead and do it then come back to this one. Remember your result.

In this quiz you are now a warrior. At some point you will become mates with one of the toms. Golden Solarstream, blue-gray Leafstone, or mottled brown and gray Hawkfeather.

Created by: Starfrost

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  3. Okay so we left off where you choose whose nest you are by after your vigil.
  4. By the time you wake up it is almost sun high. Birchclaw, the deputy askes you to take someone to go hunting with you. Who do you take?
  5. Soon you and ( lover ) get back with a rabbit, two finches, and three voles. Leafstone walks up to you with a thrush in his mouth. He sets it down and askes if you want to share. What do you say.
  6. After you finish eating, Solarstream comes up to you. In fact all of them come up to you. Hawkfeather says " we all like you " " you need to choose " Solarstream adds. Leafstone says " we all want you to be happy " Who do you choose to be your mate?
  7. (Lover) is now your mate! He askes you if someday you want kits.
  8. Three moons later. Your best friend, Goldenfeather is going to have kits with Juniperlight. What do you think?
  9. 1 moon later. When you are hanging out with your friend Goldenfeather. She says " you know you outa be moving to the nursery soon, it's becoming quite obvious." What do you think?
  10. 1 moon later. You move into the nursery. You are 2 moons from kitting. Your mate is is very anxious. What are your thoughts.
  11. Your friend kits. Their names are Lunarkit, Emeraldkit, and Bumblekit. What do you say to her?
  12. 2 moons later. Your kitting will be any day now. You are going to the fresh kill pile, when suddenly you feel a flash of pain! You yelp and falter. Your mate rushes to your side. " what is it? What's wrong?! " I think the kits are coming you mew weakly.
  13. After a few hours you have three kits. You and your mate name them Silverkit, Goldkit, and Galaxykit. What do you say to your mate?

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