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Your birth order can help you better understand yourself. What is your birth order in your family? Will that be reflected in this quiz? If you do not get the correct result, that could be for a number of reasons.

Please answer this quiz truthfully, nobody but yourself will benefit from this. I don't know how well this is going to work because the scoring information was really difficult to use, but we'll give it a try!

Created by: Kaylin
  1. I generally assume leadership positions.
  2. I enjoy activities that consist of logic and strategy.
  3. I tend to be a perfectionist, paying attention to little things others might easily pass by.
  4. I am good at compromising with people.
  5. I sometimes find myself doing things without considering possible consequences.
  6. I am a very social person.
  7. I am a very flexible type of person.
  8. I like order and organization during my day.
  9. I don't tend to like unpredictable situations.
  10. My friendships come FIRST in my life.
  11. I become impatient easily and I am not known for following through with things.
  12. I can be very competitive.
  13. I like to be the center of attention.
  14. Ok, what would you say two of your strengths are?
  15. And (answer honestly)out of these three, which weakness do you struggle with most?

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