Much Ado About Nothing

How much of a Shakespeare fan are you, friend? Do you know the ins and outs of the play Much Ado About Nothing?

You are going to have the chance to demonstrate how well you know Much Ado About Nothing with this little quiz. I wonder if you will earn a passing score?

Created by: sandra and Desmond

  1. Who refuses to marry in the beginning ?
  2. Who pretends to be Claudio too win Heros's love?
  3. who said this "a man with a beard is too old and a man without is too young"?
  4. Borachio and Don Jhon create a plan in the hopes of doing what?
  5. Where does this story take place?
  6. Who had a crush on Hero?
  7. Why was it necessary for Hero to fake her death?
  8. What is Balthasar's song about?
  9. Why does Claudio reject Hero at the altar?
  10. Who comes up with the plan for Hero's fake death?

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