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there are many active people but few are true genius . I created this quiz centre in order to detect your ability and intelligence .if truly you are a true genius this test will show you and also encourage you, because I believe a person is said to be genius if he or she is able to solve complex problems .

Are you really a true genius ? . This question can be answered through the rate of your performance's and moreso, your result will determine your level and ability. Thanks to this great and fantastic quiz , in just a few minutes you will found out !

Created by: AYOBAMI Jessica

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  1. the state of no allowance to speech is the state of -----
  2. who invented telephone ?
  3. Missy have her birthday in what month and date ?
  4. effects of genetic can affect the nature of all the following except -----
  5. these are types of file except
  6. that the calamities of life were shared among the upper and lower part of mankind.......' what grammatical name is given to the above expression ?
  7. A and B are two points on latitude 70¤N.their longitude are 62¤W and 118¤E, respectively.Find the distance from A to B along a great circle .
  8. what brings about zygote ?
  9. which of the following have a incomplete metamorphosis
  10. electricity is gotten from
  11. which of these organism has a bilaterally symmetrical bodies
  12. we use the term anterior,posterior,ventral and dorsal to describe a ----- animal
  13. The stage when a woman stop mensturation is known as ------
  14. A metamorphic limestone is -----

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