Genius - ability to learn quickly

This quiz analyzes decisions that are heavily reminiscent of my personal past and what I believe would help determine a genius but this quiz is probably worthless....

This quiz was made after I found this website when a friend showed me a harry-potter quiz not a big fan but she really wanted me to take it... that said this quiz was made in 10min after i looked at the other intelligence quizzes which I believe are GARBAGE, they test for what you know... but genius is a state of mind not a level of knowledge...

Created by: Derkerter

  1. When you went to school did you take notes?
  2. How did you study?
  3. Your taking a quiz and you hit a question that you have no idea how to awnser
  4. What do you consider to be a genius?
  5. How does the brain work?
  6. someone confronts you and tells you that you are dumb, your response is?
  7. So apparently I'm required to have 10 questions so these last 5 questions are gonna be weird.... when looking at a white peace of paper do you feel compelled to:
  8. When you day dream.. (think about stuff in your spare time) what do you think about
  9. Pie or Cake?
  10. Are you religious?...... yes I went there...

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