Are You A Kardashian Freak?

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There are plenty of people who know their facts about the Kardashians, but the question is, ARE THEY A KARDASHIAN MASTER? What is a Kardashian Master? It is someone who knows EVERYTHING about the Kardashian family...

Are YOU a Kardashian Master? How much do you really know about the Kardashian's? Find out now using this quick and easy quiz. Test your Kardashian I.Q. now!!

Created by: hm41226
  1. Is Kim Kardashian's Butt Real?
  2. How Long Did Kim's Wedding Last?
  3. Who Did Kim Marry-Then Divorce?
  4. Who Is The Youngest Karadashian Sister?
  5. Who Is The Oldest Kardashian Sister?
  6. What Is Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie's Mom's Name?
  7. Who Is Lamar?
  8. Who Is Robert?
  9. What Is Kylie's Nickname?
  10. Who Is Kourtneys Boyfriend?
  11. Who Is "Black Sheep"?
  12. How Many Kids Does Bruce Jenner Have?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Kardashian Freak?