Do you know the celebrities?

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This quiz includes questions about lots of celebrities! So, find out how much do you know about the Kardashian sisters, Disney actors, 50's and 60's stars, and many others! Now let's see how well you can do on the this amazing quiz!

I bet if you try your hardest and DON'T CHEAT you could get a very good score. If you don't then you should try harder next time! Thanks so much for taking this test! Good luck!

Created by: Sienna
  1. Who played Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissor hands, and the Mad Hatter?
  2. Who interrupted Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech?
  3. Who is married to Nicole Kidman?
  4. Which movie star started off in soap operas?
  5. Which one of these girls did Justin Bieber date?
  6. What Taylor Swift song is about Taylor Lautner?
  7. Which Kardashian got married first?
  8. Which famous person has the most children?
  9. Which of these celebs has spent the LEAST amount of time in jail?
  10. Which celebrity died 4th of August 1962

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Quiz topic: Do I know the celebrities?