How Orlando Florida are you?

There are many people who think Disney is Orlando Florida. Orlando consists of so many wonderful places waiting to be explored. Are you one of the Boston or New Yorkers trying to act southern?

Do you know the basics to qualify your self as from Orlando? If your going to say your from Orlando you better take this quiz first. What do you know about Orlando, and vacations to Disney don't count.

Created by: Mr FLA

  1. Who is Buddy Dyer?
  2. What is the large Football stadium in Orlando called that hosted such events as the Capital one bowel?
  3. What is the tallest building in downtown Orlando?
  4. Which neighborhood in Orlando has a reputation for being unsafe?
  5. What is the interstate in Orlando called?
  6. What was Kevin Berry known for?
  7. What county is Orlando located in?
  8. The Beachline was once known as?
  9. What is the large state university located in the Orlando metro area?
  10. What amusement park is not located in the Orlando area?
  11. What is in the middle of Lake Eola?
  12. What television affiliate is not in the Orlando market?
  13. A major part of state road 436 is also known as?
  14. In 2004 what hurricane made a direct hit on Orlando?
  15. If expecting a major hurricane what might you pack your freezer with?
  16. Wekiva Springs is a?
  17. How do you pronounce Kissimme?

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Quiz topic: How Orlando Florida am I?