Orlando Bloom Quiz

Do you know everything about Orlando Bloom? Do you love him and have posters all over your wall? Have you ever screamed "I love Orlando!!!!" at the top of your voice? Do you own every single film he's in?

Well if you do then you must be just like me!!! THE ULTIMATE ORLANDO BLOOM FAN!!!!!! Take this quiz and you will find out stuff you didn't know before, if you know everything there is to know about him or if you know absolutely nothing!!!!

Created by: rebecca

  1. When was Orlando born?
  2. Which film did Orlando FIRST appear in?
  3. Who does Orlando play in Pirates of the Caribbean?
  4. Who does Orlando play in Lord of the Rings?
  5. Who does Orlando play in Ned Kelly?
  6. How many tatoos does Orlando have?
  7. True or false: Orlando has broken nearly every single bone in his body?
  8. True or false: Orlando Bloom was born in 1977?
  9. True or false: Orlando is married and has 3 kids; Johhny, Kristal and Sue
  10. Do you love Orlando Bloom?
  11. What is Orlando's worst habit?
  12. Who does Orlando admire (as an actor)?
  13. What is Orlando afraid of?
  14. What is Orlando's natural hair colour?
  15. What colour are Orlando's eyes?
  16. What is Orlando's nickname?

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