Which Celebrity Activist are You?

Some celebrities aren't just obsessed with leading the glamorous life - some are actually heavily invested in making the world a better place. From Angelina Jolie to Leo DiCaprio, some stars have really tried to turn the world around.

Which celebrity activist are you like? Are you globally centered? Or do you care about the environment? Or healthcare? See how you measure up. Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: tara Suri
  1. What did you do this past summer?
  2. Which issue do you care most about?
  3. You're at your school's activity fair. You immediately check out:
  4. If you could donate to the charity of your choice, you would use it..
  5. It's a Saturday night and you and your friends decide to go to a movie. Which one do you choose?
  6. Your parents want to take you on a vacation. You ask to go...
  7. The Student Council is deciding on the yearly fundraise. You suggest
  8. Which of the following quotes is most meaningful to you?
  9. Your teacher is planning a class field trip. You ask to:
  10. Your ideal internship would consist of:

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Quiz topic: Which Celebrity Activist am I?