Your Celebrity IQ

A quiz for your celebrity iq. Maybe surf the net to study more about celebrities at the moment and come back to this quiz and then take it. It's not that hard, not that easy but it takes guts to know the answers. So if you want to test your skills, then take my quiz.

Do you want to know your celebrity IQ? I'm sure you do, come check this out and maybe you can ace the quiz! It's easy for some people, but try it out and see for yourself!

Created by: Lucy
  1. Did Christina Aguilera date Justin Timberlake?
  2. What season did Buffy the Vampire Slayer end?
  3. Which of the following award shows aren't real?
  4. What is Miley Cyrus's Breakthrough role?
  5. How many children does Reese Whitherspoon have?
  6. Which reality tv show did Ashton Kutcher create?
  7. What is Kaylee DeFer know for?
  8. Why did Sophia and Chad divorce?
  9. What is Ashley Tisdale's CD called?
  10. What profile/blog do celebrities mostly use?

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