Who is your celebrity spouse?

Everyone knows them...You know, those celebrity couples, they're everywhere, on magazines, TV, computers, you name it. They seem to revolve around everyone's cameras and dont look so bad on them. We've all seen them...Check it out! :]

Who do YOU picture yourself with as YOUR celebrity couple? Johnny Depp? Orlando Bloom? Jennifer Aniston? Julia Roberts? Ever consider it? Consider it now.

Created by: Shock
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. On a Sunday night, the superbowl is on, you.....
  2. You have a huge essay due on Monday, but there's a bunch of people meeting at the new movie theater, you...
  3. You are offered a modeling contract, your response....
  4. People person?
  5. Are you a perfectionist?
  6. Have you evere done anything in public that's embarrasing?
  7. Pick a hairstyle...
  8. Do you care what other people think?
  9. Pick a month
  10. Pick a Letter

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Quiz topic: Who is my celebrity spouse?