Do You Think Your Spouse Is Cheating?

Do you think your relationship is in danger of being corrupted by an outside source? Or do you think that your spouse may have problems communicating? Or do you just think someone is helping him/her with they're emotions... Physically. Lets find out.

There are lots of disloyal men and women out there that love to break hearts and cause all kinds of mental turmoil for they're spouses, now your about to find out if your spouse has been cheating on you... Lets hope not.

Created by: Michael Perry
  1. Do you wonder where they are if they're late?
  2. Do you think he/she is cheating on you?
  3. Do you think they would leave you if they saw a more beautiful guy/girl?
  4. How would you describe your relationship?
  5. Does this quiz make you think your relationship is unstable?
  6. Did you think your relationship was unstable before?
  7. Have you ever caught Him/Her staring at another man/women while with you?
  8. Have you seen him/her on the phone with another girl/guy saying "Sweet" things?
  9. Have you seen him/her getting TO close to your guy/Girl friends?
  10. Does he/she try to make you feel better when your angry or sad?
  11. Does He/She say hurtful things to you at anytime?
  12. Do you think they would do anything to make you happy?
  13. Have they openly said they would do anything to make you happy?
  14. Do you believe they showed you this quiz to find out your relationship is ok?

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Quiz topic: Do I Think my Spouse Is Cheating?