Do you have a Lousy Spouse?

Marriage can be tough, but being strapped to a Lousy Spouse can make it horrible. Even though your partner may be smart and funny, it doesn't make up for being a bully or disrespectful.

Are you just going through a rough patch, or are is your spouse really lousy? Are you being hyper-critical or burying your head in the sand? Take this quiz and see if your spouse qualifies as a LousySpouse.

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  1. How truthful is your spouse?
  2. Do you know that your spouse is cheating on you, or has in the past?
  3. Does your spouse steal or 'borrow' with no intention of return?
  4. Does your spouse neglect important responsibilities?
  5. Is your spouse a bully?
  6. Is your spouse a controlling person?
  7. Would you say that your spouse is selfish in affection or material things?
  8. What kind of parent is your spouse?
  9. How is your spouse's sense of humor?
  10. Is your spouse a narcissist?
  11. How does the spouse treat your mother-in-law?
  12. Is your spouse handy or talented?
  13. Is your spouse spiritual or pious?
  14. Would you call your spouse reliable?
  15. Is your spouse jealous or insecure?
  16. Did your spouse leave you?
  17. Does your spouse have it "together?"
  18. Does your spouse have addictions that affect your marriage?
  19. Is your spouse caring and nurturing?
  20. How does your spouse deal with disagreements or conflicts?
  21. Does your spouse express pride or satisfaction with you and your relationship?
  22. How well does your spouse handle money/ finances?
  23. Can you trust your spouse?

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Quiz topic: Do I have a Lousy Spouse?