are you smart enough to be a spongebob master

spongebob may just be a cartoon, but you wouldn't beleive how much trivia there is to it. There are so many characters, places, and things that have to do with spongebob, its not just a lousy cartoon.

get warmed up for 20 questions of hardcore spongebob and thinking like crazy, because here it comes. while your waiting, think about spongebob and everything that has to do with him.

Created by: tommy r

  1. What is squidwards lifelong dream?
  2. who made spongebob go interveiw to work at the krusty krab?
  3. what street does spongebob live on?
  4. what is planktons wife karen?
  5. in the spongebob movie, why did mr. krabs not make spongebob manager?
  6. how does gary show holiday spirit?
  7. what type of camp would spongebob and patrick pefer to go to?
  8. where is sandy from?
  9. when spongebob and patrick parented the oyster, who was the mom?
  10. what is sandy's house called?
  11. who lives in between spongebob and patricks house?
  12. what sport do sandy and spongebob play all the time?
  13. which of the following does patrick not have?
  14. when squidward moved out of conch street, what is the place he went to called?
  15. which of the following is not a character on spongebob?
  16. what are the seats in the krusty krab?
  17. what do nematodes eat?
  18. what is planktons reasturant called?
  19. how many mattresses does spongebob have on his bed?
  20. what kind of bike does spongebob ride?

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Quiz topic: Am I smart enough to be a spongebob master