DO U Kno SpongeBob?

There are many smart Spongebob people, but few true Spongebob geniuses.A Spongebob Genius not bad at all. What is a spongebob genius? A spongebob genius is someone who knows spongebob from every angle!

Are YOU a spongebob genius? Do you have the ability to win the Spongebob title? Until now you could only wonder but now you can just take this quiz and in just a few minutes you will be able find out your answer!

Created by: Starr
  1. Who is yellow?
  2. What is Spongebobs house?
  3. What does Spongebob have as a pet?
  4. Who is Spongebobs best friend?
  5. How many tentacles does Squidward have?
  6. What shape is Patricks Rock?
  7. How many alarm clocks does Squidward have?
  8. What happens to Mr.Krabs ALOT?
  9. What is the pirates name?
  10. What does SpongeBob want in the SPONGEBOB MOVIE?

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