how much do you know about spongebob?

There are many spongebob fans,but are they? what is a spongebob fan? a spongebob fan is someone who really likes spongebob and know everything about him. and cannot miss an episode.

are you a spongebob fan? do you think your a spongebob fan? well who knows. even if your not a fan its ok try thequiz anyway.but thanks to this great quiz.

Created by: crystal

  1. what type of school does Spongebob go to?
  2. where does spongebob work?
  3. who is spongebobs boss?
  4. what is mr.krabs first name?
  5. what is planktons first name?
  6. what is squidwards last name?
  7. in the episode where patrick went to school with spongebob...what class did patrick thought it was?
  8. spongebob is a #1 fan to.........
  9. what does spongebob like to do in his spare time?
  10. when plankton found the book with the krabby patty secret formula in it........was that the real secret formula?
  11. what instrument does squidward play?
  12. whats spongebobs pets name?
  13. is purl mr.krabs daughter?
  14. where is sandy from?
  15. what is spongebob?
  16. what sea creature is larry?
  17. in the snail racing episode what was squidwards snails name?
  18. patrick has entered the race he did not enter in a snail he entered___________
  19. has patrick ever had a job?
  20. who are spongebobs super heroes?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about spongebob?