Is your partner in love with you?

Many people truly think that they are in love, but is it fake or mabye they are just using you? Or do they truly wish to be with them for a long time?

Is your spouse REALLY in love with you, or do they just like you for your money or looks? Well find out! I warn you if you are not happy with your results, do what you wish but I'd look back at your relationship.

Created by: Kay
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  1. How often do you fight with your spouse?
  2. Does he/she seem to be happier around you if you have an expensive/ valuble or appealing object?
  3. How often does he/she tell you they love you (seriously) without a mention from another?
  4. Does he/she make up a suspicious/strange excuse not to hang out with you?
  5. Does he/she express their feelings openly to you?
  6. Are you good looking?
  7. Has he/she had good looking spouses?
  8. Does he/she respect your beliefs, tradtions, etc. without negitive questions/comments?
  9. Do you ever have doubts about the strength of you relationship?
  10. Can you seriously imagine getting married or even living together?(If you are not already doing so)

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Quiz topic: Is my partner in love with you?