Love and Appreciation

This is a quiz to show you whether or not you really Love and Appreciate your girlfriend/fiance/wife etc..Find out whether you're the caring appreciative partner or the totally careless and ignorant one!

Do you really think you appreciate her?and you're in love with her?well..its not that takes a lot of hard work to prove that! Take a few minutes to answer the following questions to find out!

Created by: eazybessie of Facebook
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  1. When you first wake up in the morning...
  2. Does it ever happen that you call her all of a sudden during the day, just to tell her that you love her?
  3. She calls you while you were in class, or in a meeting ..
  4. You just finished class/work, and she lives half an hour away from school/work, u miss her like crazy but you're too tired
  5. You were talking, and she mentioned her favourite movie..
  6. You're really busy with work/exams
  7. When you're having a walk together..
  8. She's sick and hospitalized, and you have tons of work to do..
  9. You're both crazy about eachother, but her parents disapprove of your relationship
  10. You're in some cafe where there's a dance floor, she asked you to dance and you never danced before..
  11. Do you get to know everything she does throughout her day?
  12. Both of you are deeply in Love, but someone else proposes to her parents before you ever mentioned it..
  13. Do you make sure you hear her voice before you sleep?
  14. You feel like calling her saying 'I Love You' ... but she's sleeping...
  15. You've been trying to reach her all day but her cell phone is either out of service or she doesn't pick up..
  16. Ever felt jealous?
  17. Do you mind if she makes new 'male friends after you guys become seriously committed?

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