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country music has gotten a little carried away and seems to have lost touch with it's roots and forgotten where it all started. some folks dont appreciate the history of country music and they have turned there backs on the fore fathers who have built the foundation for younger artists today.

so here's your chance to prove to the country music world that, although you love the new country, you still know, love and appreciate where it came from. so here's a little quiz i put together. it's not designed to stump you in any way. it's more of a learning tool. if you dont know the answer, feel free to lok it up. investigate a little bit. do some research. it's all intended to educate so get to learnin'. good luck! and i hope you find a new appreciation for country music!!

Created by: brent

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  1. what year was hank williams sr. born?
  2. what bluegrass legend recorded MAN OF CONSTANT SORROW long before the O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU SOUNDTRACK became popular?
  3. how tall is little jimmy dickens?
  4. how many songs of hank williams sr. went to #1?
  5. what country music hall of famer invented bluegrass music?
  6. which country music icon invented the bakersfield sound?
  7. which country music legend was actually in attendence as a prisoner when johnny cash did a show at san quinten?
  8. this country music icon wrote these classic country hits , FUNNY HOW TIME SLIPS AWAY , CRAZY , HELLO WALLS.
  9. which song did hank williams recieve 7 encores for at the grand ole opry?
  10. what country music legend used to play bass for buddy holly?
  11. which country music icon was the first in history to chart a song in 5 consecutive decades?
  12. what year did the grand ole opry move from the ryman auditorium to it's new home?
  13. what year did hank williams sr. die?

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