how well do you know your country music and artists

don't worry. this isn't the old hillbilly type of country music. it is the new modern, featuring new artists such as carrie underwood, taylor swift, and many more. you really need to watch country music news a lot to know a few of these questions

so, you think you are a country music fan? have you done your research? the only way to find out is to take this quiz. trust me, it's really easy if you know your stuff. it will only take a few minutes, but, hey, HAVE FUN ANYWAY!

Created by: amanda

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  1. what is rodney atkins' son's name and nickname
  2. how many of carrie underwood's singles have NOT been #1
  3. including this year (2008) how many times has reba mcentire hosted the acm's
  4. how did carrie underwood become famous
  5. what do reba mcentire and carrie underwood have in common
  6. what country singer owns an amusement park
  7. what is its name
  8. how many different award shows are there in country music
  9. how did miranda lambert become famous
  10. how did taylor swift become famous
  11. who sang a song about arlington national cemetery (arlington)
  12. who wrote a song titled with a country singer's name to make them famous
  13. what is that country siner's name
  14. "online" is a song about website chat rooms sung by
  15. taylor swift wrote/co-wrote how many songs on her debut album

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my country music and artists