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Created by: Lonnie Ratliff of Internet Playlist Board
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  1. "Jones On The Jukebox" was a hit for Becky Hobbs. What other Indie artist released this song ?
  2. In Erin Hay's song "The Tree" who dies in the song ?
  3. His current single is "Runnin' Down The Road" and he is from Canada. What is this Indie artist's name ?
  4. Who says "When it's too country for everyone else, It's just right for me"
  5. Who sings "Wal-Mart Girls" ?
  6. "Goodbye Ireland" has been released by 2 separate Indie artists. Not as a duet. They are.
  7. In the Erin Hay song "The Circle" what song was Hank Williams Sr. singing ?
  8. Joni Compretta released "Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You" What other 2 artists released this song previously ?
  9. This New Hampshire songwriter is almost as well known for his dislike for the harmonica as he is for his songs. Who is this loveable Yankee ?
  10. In 1963 "Talk Back Trembling Lips" was a pop hit for Johnny Tillotson and a country hit for Ernie Ashworth. It came back years later to be a hit for this artist ?

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