What Type Of Spouse Are You

This quiz is mainly for men but women are welcome too. I made this quiz because my wife was always saying I do not love her. So I asked her what I would have to do to prove it. Well here you go all the answers you need.

This quiz will test you to see if you really do love your spouse, if your just with them because of obvious reasons, or if you have no feelings at all for your spouse. Be warned though, this quiz does not lie so you should not either. And for those of you who think you can fool the quiz I have added something special for you.

Created by: Joshua crawford
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  1. You wake up before your spouse. Do you.
  2. Your spouse's mother passes away. Do you.
  3. You are out on a walk with your spouse when a young stud or sexy lady walk by. Do you.
  4. Your spouse is drunk at a party and somebody is trying to pick a fight with them. Do you.
  5. You are one religion and your spouse is another. Do you.
  6. You and your spouse go to a theater. You want to watch one movie and your spouse wants to see another. Do you.
  7. You just get off of work and your spouse wants to go somewhere. Do you.
  8. Your spouse is sexually assaulted. Do you.
  9. Your spouse says that they are ready for kids but you don't feel the same. Do you.
  10. Your family does not like your spouse and tells you that you should leave them. Do you.
  11. You work and your spouse does not. When you are at work you...
  12. What should the first thing out of your mouth be everyday.
  13. When talking to your spouse do you?
  14. Your spouse is naked in the bedroom. Do you.

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