Which CBB5 Celebrity are you?

Do this Celebrity Big brother 5 quiz to find out who out of Dirk, Leo, Jermaine, Ian, Jade, Jo Or Cleo you most resemble. Are you a fitness freak or a bit of a couch potato or somewhere inbetween?

How like your favourite Celebrity Big Brother 5 housemate are you. Do you have Dirk's charms or Jade's foot in mouth syndrome, or are you just a frustrated Leo. Take the quiz and find out, you may be surprised?

Created by: Suze
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  1. What is your hair colour?
  2. Are you a bubbly, bouncey person?
  3. Do you like the colour Yellow
  4. Do you like dressing up in servants uniform to tend your garden?
  5. Do you spend most of your day in your nightwear and a filthy dressing gown?
  6. Are you a person of very few words?
  7. What would you do if someone stole your stockcube?
  8. How influential are you a person?
  9. Do you have a knack for making others laugh?
  10. Do you find witty one liners just seem to glide off the tip of your tongue?
  11. Do your friends think you live in cloud cuckoo land a lot of the time?
  12. Are you a person of many faces that you like to put on show?
  13. Do you have a peachy bum that others like squeezing?
  14. Do you like skipping?

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Quiz topic: Which CBB5 Celebrity am I?