How well you know about Elves Realm? (Master Edition)

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There is few people that are mastering Elves Realm. So that, I'm interested to see how many people in this game. That's why I made this, to test your gaming skill!

Are you a master? Master never give up and try online quizzes to try your skills and best on the quiz. This quiz consists of 30 questions that taken from a real-life group of Elves Realm. These are the first pack. Will you try it?

Created by: Matmail of Elves Realm Tips
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  1. How many percentage does Clash of Frost 6 give to freeze the opponents?
  2. The card Deadful Melody is in what race?
  3. What does the skill Group Rampart 6 means?
  4. What does Infiltrator means?
  5. Spot 3 cards with skill Slayer!
  6. Spot one card that deadly will kill hero!
  7. Spot 3 rules that will give you the chance to win!
  8. The card Chaos Dragon has skill Sacrifice. Sacrifice means taking one card and sending it to the cemetery. Perseverance (___) be activated. Resurrection (___) be activated.
  9. When a rune sent an Iceball 9 to a card with Holy Protection 6, then what will happen?
  10. Auto Skip is a special motto for Elves Realm players. What does it mean?
  11. Skill Explanation : Deals 140 damage to 3 of the opponent's cards and there is 40% chance to freeze the opponents. What is this skill name?
  12. Skill Explanation : Reflect fire, ice, lighting, and blood to the corresponding starter 240 damage. What is this skill name?
  13. When there is "guds won 5-star card [Seraph]" mean that guds won a?
  14. Starter Pack cost (___) golds?
  15. Explain Holy Shield!
  16. Skill that increase all of the opponent's card in the hand cooldown by 1.
  17. The achievement "Sunset Warrior" will be unlocked if?
  18. Wall of Honor tells you to worship the most master of the game's server. Also gives you some gold depending on your level. What is the requirement of being told in Wall of Honor?
  19. The cheapest 4 cards party pack is?
  20. What does invitation code in Server Titan starts from?
  21. How many HP does [Lion Lady] card level 15 have?
  22. In clan donation, with donating golds. 1000000 golds is equal with how many honor or contribution? Answer the best explanation!
  23. If clan leader bid up a clan match and won. Then a clan match is started, when does the earliest clan match start?
  24. One 5* card that have Sacrifice and Infiltrator!
  25. Highest dungeon sweep is at layers?
  26. Is there card trading function?
  27. Buying rage in dungeon will give you how much?
  28. What is the special skill of "Goddess of Balance"?
  29. Which one of these cards can't be obtained through towers?
  30. What is the weakness of Ice Shield with Reflection and Immunity?

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